Julong Aquatic Trash Skimmer

Product Details

The aquatic trash skimmer is mainly used to collect and salvage floating trash like bamboos, branches, rubbish bags, etc. in reservoir, lakes, rivers and seashore. At the same time, it can unload the collected trash automatically into the designed ship, bank pier, garbage trucks and other applicable equipment.

The aquatic trash skimmer adopts dismountable design method and it can be transported by trucks and containers. All the parts are connected by bolts which is easy to assemble and maintain. The vessel is controlled by full hydraulic system and all the movement can be operated in the operation room through the buttons on control desk.

The front collection conveyor can be equipped with rapid cutting equipment which can cutter tree branches, bamboos into pieces to increase the loading capacity.

Technical Specifications for reference (Customized design is available):

2Total Vessel Length14.8m
3Total Vessel Width4.8m
4Total Vessel Height3.7m
5Pontoon Length8.5m
6Pontoon Width3.2m
7Pontoon Height0.9m
8Cutting Width2.2m
9Draft(Light/Fully Loaded)0.45/0.7m
10Loading Capacity4 tons
12Driving SystemPaddle Wheel


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