Alligator Weed Harvester

Product Details

Full automatic alligator weed harvester is used for cutting and gathering aquatic weed like alligator in reservoirs, rivers and lakes. The machine is designed for easy operation. All the collecting, stocking and transporting device can be completed by one man via operating the control desk.

The vessel is controlled by hydraulic system and all the hydraulic parts have high quality sealing device. The working process completely accords with environment protection requests without oil leakage and noise.

The machine works widely. It can not only clean big and long floating rubbish,(such as tree branch, water hyacinth), but also can clean small ones (such as white pollutants, duckweed, plastic bags, empty bottles, leaves, etc.)

The machine can automatically complete all the collecting, fishing, filtering and discharging work. All the work can be remotely controlled in the operation room. The work efficiency of the machine is thirty times as much as people cleaning.


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