Sargassum Harvester

Sargassum Harvester
Product Details

The automatic sargassum harvester can collect water weed and floating garbage in rivers. All mechanical movements, including the paddle wheel, cutting knives, conveying chain and collection wheel are controlled by hydraulic system. It has strong water weed mowing function and water cleaning function. Usually,one person can complete the mowing, navigation, cleaning and unloading work.

The vessel is equipped with one set of transverse cutting knife and two sets of vertical cutting knives, which can cut water weed into pieces. Additional, the mechanical collection wheel will pull the salvaged water weed into the collecting cabin.

The vessel operation cabin can be designed in lift type sunroof structure, which can be used in the rivers with low bridge. When going through bridge, the operator just need to put the sunroof down to decrease the height of the vessel.


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