Weed Cutting Ship for Sale

Weed Cutting Ship for Sale
Product Details
1. Product Description
Weed harvester is suitable for middle and small lakes, rivers and other cities garden scenic spot of modern aquatic plants, to water hyacinth harvest and transportation equipment.All operations program adopts full hydraulic pressure control, simple, convenient, flexible.It is indispensable to urban water scenic spot cleaning equipment, and also can be used as a rubbish ship, surface cleaning, received good results.

 2.Weed Harvester Feature
1) Used to cut and transport aquatic plants, reeds ,water hyacinth collecting floating trash,aquatic weed and doing salvage job in reservoirs,rivers,lakes and coastal water.
2) Remote centralized control ,  make the dredger equipment sail ,go forward and back ,adjust direction and do the unloading work.
3) Full welding steel construction using CCSB ship steel plates .
4)Painted four layers of anti-rust marine paint .

3.Weed Harvester Basic parameter

Main Parameter
Detail Description 
1.Principle Dimensions 
Size L*W*H :9x4.6x3m 
Load :2-4t
Harvesting width:2.6m 
Harvesting depth:1.2m
Endurance :24 hour
Garbage loading :3000m2/h 
2. Dimension of Hull 
Plate Thickness- Deck :4 mm
Plate Thickness- Sides:5mm
Plate Thickness- Bottom:6 mm
3. Main machine 
Rated Power with RPM:90 kw
Amount:1 unit
4. Hydraulic Pump1 unit
5. Hydraulic System 
6.Pilot House 
7. Lighting SystemAdjustable collection flares
8. Conveyor Belting 
Material :Stainless steel
Driven :Hydraulic Motor
9. Frame 
Material:Carbon steel
Fasteners:Stainless steel

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