China Julong Amphibious Multifunction Dredgers

China Julong Amphibious Multifunction Dredgers
Product Details

1. General Introduction

Julong amphibious multifunction dredgers are designed with pontoons and tracks, which can be used both on land and in water areas. It can be equipped with slurry pump, bucket, weed cutter, collecting rake and fork. The purposes are sand excavating, weed cutting, slurry pumping, weed collecting, etc. 


2. Parameters of Julong Cutter Suction Dredgers
Pontoon Length6m
Pontoon Width2.8m
Pontoon Height:1.8m
Working Depth:4m
Track Width:60cm
Driving Type:Hydraulic motor
Engine Power:80KW
 All these parameters are just for reference. We can provide the machine according to your different requirements.

3. Main Features of Julong Dredgers

- Quality Control

The main components of Julong dredgers are all well-known brands at home and abroad, like Cummins, Weichai and Schneider etc, which can ensure the efficiency and working life.

- Modular Structure

The pontoons are connected by high strength bolt. With this cambined design, this equipment can be ensured to module structure and be transported and assembled easily.

- Environmental Concept

The cabin adopts new environmental protection material, which has the advantages of sound insulation and heat preservation and can effectively improve the working environment.

- Short Delivery Time

Julong will prepare various main components of dredgers in the workshop, like diesel engine, dredging pump and cutter head, which can greatly shorten delivery time.

4. Our Company

Qingzhou Julong Environment Technology Co., Ltd.  located in Qingzhou, Shandong, China, is one professional manufacturer and service provider of dredgers, aquatic weed harvesters, mining machinery and related products with about 30 years experience.  JULONG provides full life cycle service including the design, the manufacturing, sales and after sales service.

With an excellent technology team, we can design and manufacture high-quality dredgers and other machinery according to customers' requests. Our products are famous for easy operation, reliable performance, low cost and long working life. So far, JULONG has provided machinery and service for customers over 30 provinces in China and over 60 countries in Africa, Middle East, Oceania, South America, South Asia and South East Asia.

5. FAQ

NO. 1) : Is Julong a Factory or Dealer?
Julong is Original Manufacturer with its own Factory (Not Dealer)
All dredgers, aquatic weed harvesters and mining machinery are produced in Julong. Thus Julong can provide better price, higher quality and ensured life time support for each product and for every customer. 
NO. 2) : Can Julong make design as per each buyer's project?
We have a Professional Team for designing, manufacturing, installation and operation. Once your project need and requirements are sent to us, our professional engineers will make a customized design accordingly and provide you with the most suitable purchasing plan and project suggestions.
NO. 3) : How long is the warranty period?
One Year (Twelve Months) warranty will be provided for all Julong machinery. Besides the one year warranty, life time after sales service will be ensured. 
NO. 4) : What is the delivery time?
The delivery time will be informed as per the design. However, to shorten the delivery time, Julong always produce several popular dredgers and aquatic weed harvester/ aquatic trash skimmers and other machinery in advance. 
NO. 5) : Will installation and training be provided by Julong?
Yes. Julong will send professional and experienced engineers to buyer's project site to provide complete installation, testing, commissioning, and training on operation and maintenance. 
NO. 6): What information is required for dredger design?
To make the dredger design, the following basic information is important. 
- Production Capacity
- Dredging Depth
- Discharge Distance
- Type of soil 
- Project Condition (water wave, wind condition, etc.)
NO. 7): What information is required for aquatic weed harvester/ aquatic trash skimmer design?
- Weed/ Materials Type to be cut or collected
- Cutting/Collection Depth
- Cutting/Collection Width
- Loading Capacity
- Project Condition (water wave, wind condition, etc.

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