Multi Purpose Dredger For Sand Pumping /weed Collecting

Multi Purpose Dredger For Sand Pumping /weed Collecting
Product Details

Julong multi purpose dredger for sand pumping /weed collecting

1. General Introduction
Julong amphibious multifunction dredgers are designed with pontoons and tracks, which can be used both on land and in water areas. It can be equipped with slurry pump, bucket, weed cutter, collecting rake and fork. The purposes are sand excavating, weed cutting, slurry pumping, weed collecting, etc. 

2. General Specifications

Pontoon Length6m
Pontoon Width2.8m
Pontoon Height:1.8m
Draft: ~1.3m
Working Depth:1.5m
Track Width:60cm
Driving Type:Hydraulic motor
Engine Power:80KW

3. Dredger Features
1). Strong marine steel construction, approximately 8,500 kg, without attachments
2). Hydraulic track driven through hydraulic motors.
3). Forward crane ready for many attachments with available power up to 80 KW
4).Heavy duty Diesel engine certified to the latest standards of Tier IV emission and fuel consumption
5). Optimal configuration of power requirements and hydraulic unit (less operating costs)
6). Low ground pressure and good clearance on terrain, marches and swamps during on-land drives
7). Shallow vessel draft with low center of gravity for safe on-water maneuvering
8). High working range and wide swing radius of the hydraulic crane arm, ready for many attachments
9). Operating controls conveniently placed and adjustable to suit operator's seat position

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