Julong Backhoe Dredging Barge

Julong Backhoe Dredging Barge
Product Details

Julong Backhoe Dredging Barge

1). Customized design of backhoe dredger is available

2). Technical Specifications for reference.

Pontoon Length: 11.6m
Pontoon Width:6.6m
Pontoon Height:2.2m
Pontoon Weight:40 tons

Loading Capacity: 

80 tons
Spuds:2 pcs
Hydraulic Winch:1 set
Excavator:To be named by Client

3) The backhoe dredger/dredging barge is specially designed for the civil rivers with limited space. The loading capacity is 80 tons. The dredger can complete the dredging project and transportation work automatically, which make the project to be finished quickly and successfully. 

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