New Julong Dredger Ready In Stock

New Julong Dredger Ready In Stock
Product Details

The dredger can be used to excavate and transport cohesive sediment below the class III specified in code for dredging engineering construction technique issued by Ministry of Water Resources(MWR) of P. R. China. 


1. One-man operation. The most advanced PLC control system. 

2. New high efficient cutter/wheel drive system

3. Reliable hydraulic system. 

4. Fresh water cooling system

5. Completely assembled and fully tested before delivery

6. Very simple and fast assembly

7. Standard design, allowing short delivery time

8. Standard spare parts available from stock

9. Optional equipment available

Model: JLCSD500

Max. Dredging Capacity: 3500m3/hr

Min/Max. Dredging Depth: 1-16m

Total Length(Cutter ladder raised): 40m

Width: 7.8m

Pontoon Height: 2.0m

Full Loaded Draft: 1.3m

Suction Pipe Dia.: 550mm

Discharge Pipe Dia.: 500mm

Cutter Head Power: 170KW

Main Engine Power: 1231KW 


Julong company always produce dredgers with standard parameters in advance in order to shorten delivery time. Now two dredger with model JLCSD350 and JLCSD500 are ready for delivery. The mixture capacity are 2000m3/hr and 3500m3/hr. Both can be delivered in 15 days. 

Welcome to Julong company for dredgers inspection.

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