Port Dredging Vessel For Sand /mud Cleaning

Port Dredging Vessel For Sand /mud Cleaning
Product Details

Cutter Suction Dredger Model: JLCSD500
Principle Dimensions
(1) Max. Dredging Depth16.0 m
(2) Discharge Distance1500 m
(3) Waterflow3500 m3/hr
 Main Pontoon
(1) Length18.0 m
(2) Width3.3 m
(3) Depth2.0 m
Side Pontoons
(1) Length28.0m
(2) Width2.2m
(3) Depth2.0m
Dredging Pump
(1) MadeShijiazhuang  Pump
(2) Model450WN
(3)  Waterflow3500 m3/hr
Main Engine 
(1)   ManufacturerCummins
(2) Rated Power with RPM895KW @ 1800 RPM
(3) Amount1 set
(1) TypeCrown 
(2) DriverHydraulic Motor
(4)  Diameter1700mm
(5)  Cutter Shaft Power170kw
Ladder Winch
(1) Line Pull80 KN
(2) Line Speed0-20m/min
(3) Wire SizeΦ20mm
(4) DriverHydraulic Motor
Swing Winch
(1) Line Pull60 KN
(2) Line Speed0-20m/min
(3) Wire SizeΦ20mm
(4) DriverHydraulic Motor
(1)  Amount2 pcs
(2) DriverHydraulic Ram

1). Qingzhou Julong Environment Technology Co.,Ltd. is  a dredger manufacturer and exporter, but not just trading company. In such case, we can guarantee the products quality, delivery time and after-sales service. Also better price will always be available.

2). Customized designs will be made based on customers' project requirements. Our engineers are all experienced in ship designs for many years. The cooperation with China leading ship design institutes and professional colleges help us to ensure the design quality.

3). All the Julong dredgers are built by skilled workers and inspected strictly to assure the high quality and durability. Each finished dredger will be fully tested before delivery to make sure it work smoothly when delivered to customers.

4). Best parts will be used for the dredgers, like world famous Cummins engines, Shijiazhuang pumps, Hangzhou gearboxes, Simens PLC control system.

5). Hydraulic system is one of the most important parts of cutter suction dredgers. The cutter head, ladder winch, swing winches, spud or spud carriage are driven by hydraulic motors for higher efficiency and durability. Reputed brands are used for the other hydraulic parts like hydraulic pipes, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves.

6). The dredgers are dismountable. So they can be disassembled and assembled easily. Thus it is convenient for the transportation by road, rail or water.

7). Professional engineers will be sent to the project site to help the customers on the installation, commissioning, testing of the dredgers and training of operators.

8). The main parts of Julong cutter suction dredgers are all imported ones or assembly of imported parts so that the buyer can purchase the spare parts easily, like the Cummins engine, the Shijiazhuang pump,Siemens PLC control system, Schneider or Omron electric system. 

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