submersible pump dredger

submersible pump dredger
Product Details

Julong Sand Dredgers:

Various types: mainly cutter suction dredger, bucket chain dredger, jet suction dredger

Dredging depth: maxi. 20m

Dredging capacity: maxi. 5000m3/hr waterflow

Discharge distance: 2000m or more with pump station

Usage: sand dredging, waterway cleaning, reclamation work, mining job, etc.

Submersible dredgers:

Instead of using pump on board, submersible pumps will be used to create better dredging efficiency. The submersible pump has the following advantages.

* Efficiency up to 92%(as measured in practice) resulting in lower fuel consumption at unchanged production

* Reduced and more even wear, resulting in longer lifetime of wear parts

* Highly versatile application due to steep flow head ratio curve

* Better performance as a result of the low net positive suction

* Improved resistance to cavitation

* Limited influence of wear on pump performance.

* Advanced hydraulic model, CAD three-dimensional design, high efficiency, significant energy saving, large deepening, high concentrations dredging, cavitations performance, super suction and over-flow capability, continuously pumping gravel and high mold clay block.

* It can be equipped with diesel engines or be equipped with motor driven directly. It has the advantages of working stability, little vibration, low noise and low hydraulic loss, high efficiency, low fuel consumption and small size, light weight, simple structure, easy maintenance.

Dredgers Features:

1. Completely assembled and fully tested before delivery

2. Transportable by road, rail or sea

3. Simple, rapid assembly and dismantling at working site

4. Customized designs are always available, which will meet every customer's need.

5. Standard design, which implies early delivery and low price

6. Spare parts available from stock

7. Reliable hydraulic system

8. Efficient fuel consumption

9. Easy operation with two workers

10. Wide ranges of optional equipment available

11. Optional equipment such as anchoring system, spud carriage system, swivel bend, accomodation room, ets. are avaiable

Brief Company Introduction:

Qingzhou Julong Environment Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of dredgers, aquatic weed harvester, gold & iron mining machinery and sand processing machinery, with about 20 years’ experience. With an excellent technology team, we can design and manufacture highquality dredgers and machinery according to customers’ requests. Our products are famous for easy operation, reliable performance, low cost and long working life. JULONG machines have been exported to dozens of countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa, and South America. 

When designing cutter suction dredgers, the following basic design criteria are important. 

1. Production Capacity

2. Dredging Depth

3. Working conditions which affect the size of the dredger 

4. Type of soil 

5. Transport distance 

6. Access to the side

So please offer your detailed requirements towards the dredger for a perfect design. 

Welcome to Julong for dredgers inspection and business meeting.


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